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Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Focus Day

A one day conference – 17th January 2022

A one day focused programme presenting Saudi Arabian mega projects, planning and strategy. Project leaders, government stakeholders and experts will share exclusive insights into the current challenges and opportunities presented by the rapid expansion of the region’s largest market.

Rapid development and strong leadership vision have escalated development and opened up the nation to tourism, business and an increased number of visitors, which while important for the development of the Kingdom, also come with a potential for increased risk. Expect to experience intelligence, up to date information and hear from those responsible for the safety and security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Mega development safety and security
  • Preparedness and planning for tourism and diverse visitor profiles
  • Case study and best practice from management of the holy sites
  • National safety and security strategy and policy 

Relevant for those interested in doing business in Saudi Arabia or those seeking to gain insight into national plans, projects and strategy for safety, security and wellbeing.


Department Heads and Managers of: Forensics, Crime Prevention, Border Security, ICT , Cyber Security, Security, Resilient Cities, First Response, Foresight, Criminal Investigation, Counter Terrorism, Planning & Strategy, Innovation, Policy. 

Industry Sectors: Police, Fire, Ports, Airports, Hospitals, National Agencies, Private Sector Industry, solution providers, consultancy.