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In the following, we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) for you.

Stand Set-up

From November onwards, this is where you will find the exhibitor search module showing details of who has been assigned to which stand: exhibitor search module

The basic construction height is 2.50 m. If stands are higher than 2.50 m, the sides facing the neighbouring stands must be smooth and white. The upper edge of the lighting/advertising etc. must be kept within the maximum construction height. Any advertising must be kept at least 1 metre away from the border to the neighbouring stand. The building heights vary according to the hall and stand location. Maximum height is 6 metres.

Contact show team for more information:

In certain halls ( see hall height) construction is possible on two levels. 100$/ m2 charge is applied to double level stands. If you have any further questions, please contact :

Exhibitors who have ordered Maxima/Maxima Plus stands will receive a stand erected to the following specifications:

  • Floor covering: All stands are carpeted.
  • Walling: 2500mm high (2420mm to underside of ceiling beams comprising 1000mm wide panels. White vinyl covered infill panels set in Maxima frame. No fixings may be made to the walls. Each panel can take a maximum weight of 4 to 5 kg. The insides of each panel measures 920mm x 2340mm and half-panel measures 420mm x 2340 mm (h).
  • Fascia: 420mm high board (clear dimensions) on “Maxima” frame shall be 1 meter less of the width of the open side or when there are additional supports at corners and where open side exceed 5000mm in length.
  • Name Board (Fascia): Stand lettering fitted to the fascia. Where the stand fascia exceeds 6000mm, an additional name panel will be fitted. Only exhibitors with Maxima stands will be provided with a stand name and number on the stand fascia. No company logos or fittings may be attached to the name panel or fascia.
  • Roof Beams: 80mm deep aluminium beams will be fitted to take light fixtures.
  • Electrics / Lighting: With every 9 square meters, 3 x 100w spotlights are fitted behind the fascia-board or to the roof support beam and 1 x 13 amps 3-pin socket-outlet is provided at floor level on the rear wall.
  • Head and Island Stands: Head Stands (3 open sides) will only have one wall constructed. Island Stands do not normally come with any walls. If required, the allowance is 1 wall panel per 3 sqm of stand space. The position of any panels required must be clearly marked.
  • Furniture: refer to the above configuration and for extra orders, please contact or visit

IMPORTANT - Exhibitors will be liable for payment for damaged panels.

Stands that have space only, double-decker and all outdoor activities area have to be approved by the operations department.   

Please get in touch with our Operations Coordinator Junalyn at for more information.

In most of the halls, it is possible to suspend objects from the ceiling subject to the conditions specified in our Exhibitor manual. To place an order, please use our Exhibitor Services Manual. 


Arrival/Set-up and Dismantling/Parking Regulations

During the general set-up and dismantling times, it is permitted to work in the halls non-stop, in other words, 24 hours. Carpet is fitted from 3 pm onwards on the last set-up day. From this point in time the hallways must be kept clear. For the event, we lay a coloured carpet in all the aisles.

For cars with a gross vehicle weight of up to 2.5 tons we make parking spaces available at the exhibition grounds. There is a parking fee. Vans and lorries can be parked in the lorry park of Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Rebstock Parking Area E and E1. There is also a parking fee for this.

Vehicles delivering goods are permitted to enter the fairground during the days of the fair for one hour (on the last day of the fair only until 2 pm). 

On our website you will find information on how to get there by car.

Check-in/Vehicle registration

There are two ways in which you can register your vehicle. You can register your vehicle in advance online, or you can register on site at Messe Frankfurt’s registration areas on the day you wish to enter. To do so, please follow the “Check-In” signs.

When you depart the exhibition grounds in your vehicle, you will give your vehicle pass to personnel at the gate, or they will simply scan it in order to register your departure.


You can order services by placing orders in the Exhibitor Manual

If you have questions relating to your catalogue entry, please contact:

Your promotion material is available for you in the Marketing toolbox platform. Here you will find free advertising material both in printed and digital form, which you can use quite easily to attract a great deal of attention for your trade-fair presence: this ranges from the Info-flyer through personalisable e-cards to admission ticket vouchers for your customers.

If you require in-depth advice on the various forms of advertising material available, or if you have questions about the best possible combination of advertising media or personalisation, our publicity service will be glad to help:

At the Press Centre you can hire a press compartment for your printed press materials. In addition to this, you can book an online-press compartment for textual and photographic materials, so you can present the media with your innovations.

If you would like to organise a press briefing at your stand or in a conference room at the Exhibition Centre, we can enter the date in our official list of press appointments. Apart from this, we can also help with organising a suitable conference room.

Please get in touch with Event Plus on DWTC to avail your connection for wi-fi.

If you require guaranteed bandwidth, we suggest that you order Wi-Fi compatible products subject to a fee at the Exhibitor Services.

Please consult your contractual partner: Using the Shop for Exhibitor Services he can empower you to do one of two things: either he can set up an additional account for you so that you can order services on his behalf or he requests a separate account to be set up for you so that you can order on your own account.

We can lay an electrical socket for you via the hall ceiling or via the supply ducts in the hall floor to any point you choose in your stand. Here too you should use our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, and for a personalised offer, please consult:

Electricity Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-66 70

Messe Frankfurt’s logistic service enables you to order forklift trucks, cranes and other technical equipment and deals with your full and empty freight containers, as well as the receipt, warehousing and delivery of your freight to your stand at the required time.

Forklift and crane services on the exhibition grounds can be ordered only through Messe Frankfurt and will be performed by the logistics partners. The same applies to the storage of empty and full freight containers during the event.

For advice tailored to your requirements please contact:

Logistics Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-60 75

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Stand Surveillance Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-68 95

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, please contact

Cleaning Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-69 11

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services. Waste accumulating at the stand during the course of the fair is disposed of by the exhibition company. At the end of the fair, please place the bag containing the waste in the aisle. For larger amounts we ask you to order a waste container.

During the set-up and dismantling period you can dispose of special waste such as paints, lacquers etc, in the collection containers provided. For all other kinds of waste please order an appropriate container. Should you have any questions, please contact:

Waste Disposal Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-69 11

Your contact:

Team Advertising Services
Telephone +49 69 75 75-56 46

Your contact:

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH
Telephone +49 69 7 56 02-0

You will find an overview of the catering offer here:

Please note that entry permits for other caterers basically require prior approval and are subject to the payment of a fee.

Your contact:

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH
Telephone +49 69 7 56 02-0

Your contact to talk to in this case is:

Prabin Prabhakar
Telephone +971-4-3894-581

Online hotel bookings:

Your inquiries contact:

Tourismus + Congress GmbH
Telephone +49 69 21 23-88 00

Exhibitor passes/Parking vouchers/Set-up and dismantling passes/Admission ticket vouchers

The set-up and dismantling passes can be ordered and downloaded as PDF-file at (Ticket Service for Exhibitors). Simply print out the required number of passes.

Each set-up and dismantling assistant requires a pass. Please fill in the form with personal details. Passes must be personalised in order to enter the exhibition grounds. Please be informed that random checks will be in place. These passes are only valid during the days of set-up and dismantling. All persons require a pass. They must be worn visibly at all times.

Set-up and dismantling passes can be acquired at the fair ground entrances and at the Service Centre on the second floor of the Torhaus.

Please be informed that set-up and dismantling passes are not valid for public transport.

Now you can easily generate and manage your exhibitor passes, visitor admission vouchers and set-up and dismantling passes online at

Now you can easily generate and manage your exhibitor passes, visitor admission vouchers and set-up and dismantling passes online at

These vouchers (permanent admission vouchers) are valid throughout the event; they entitle the holder to enter the fair and exhibition centre during opening times. Depending on the size of the stand, the exhibitor receives the following free quota of admission ticket vouchers to be passed on to visitors / purchasers:

  • 0 to 50 sqm: 30 vouchers
  • 51 to 100 sqm: 50 vouchers
  • more than 100 sqm: 100 vouchers

Parking vouchers can be ordered via our Shop for Exhibitor Services. They will be sent to you by post at the latest 3 weeks before the fair.

Your contact if you have any queries:

Fraport AG – HVM-PV Park-Service Messe
Telephone +49 69 69 07-44 54

You can obtain additional parking vouchers on the spot at Fraport Servicecounter in the Service Centre Torhaus Level 2.