Get ready for the 25th edition of Intersec

Join the world’s leading event for emergency services, security, and safety from 16 – 18 January 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Intersec - Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue Conference

Embracing a forward-thinking trajectory, the UAE adeptly employs state-of-the-art solutions and tools that align seamlessly with its visionary aspirations. As the nation hosts prominent events and leads substantial infrastructure ventures, its unswerving dedication to fire safety remains resolute. This commitment becomes tangible through the seamless integration of intelligent fire protection systems, harnessing the potential of IoT, data analysis, and automation to enhance response times and optimize resource allocation.

The Fire & Rescue Conference at Intersec emerges as a pivotal gathering point for global leaders in fire and emergency services. The convergence of dialogues that encompass challenges, prospects, benchmarks, regulations, and technological innovations resonates with the UAE's unique market dynamics. The conference establishes a well-structured avenue for learning, forging connections, and collaborative interaction, empowering participants to effectively capitalize on the evolving trends to advance fire protection and safety collectively. As we journey into 2024, the UAE's strategic orientation and innovative approaches continue to exert a transformative influence on the worldwide fire protection arena.

Key Themes

  • Emergency Response Planning and Management: Discuss strategies and best practices for effective emergency response planning, coordination, and incident command
  • Building Fire Safety and Compliance: Discuss strategies for enhancing building design, construction, and retrofitting to meet and exceed fire safety standards and regulations
  • Fire Safety in High-Rise and Complex Structures: Focus on the unique challenges and solutions for fire safety in tall buildings, skyscrapers, and complex architectural designs
  • Industrial Firefighting and Hazmat Response: Address the unique challenges and solutions related to industrial fires, hazardous materials incidents, and chemical safety
  • Fire Safety in Critical Infrastructure: Examine the importance of fire safety measures and emergency response plans for critical infrastructure, such as airports, hospitals, and power plants
  • Innovations in Fire Prevention and Detection: Explore the latest technological advancements in fire prevention systems, early detection, and alarm systems to improve safety in various environments
  • Advanced Firefighting Technologies: Explore the latest advancements in firefighting equipment, technology, and tactics to improve response and safety
  • Climate Change and Fire Preparedness: Examine the impact of climate change on wildfires and discuss strategies for preparedness, mitigation, and response
  • Community Engagement and Fire Education: Emphasize the importance of community involvement in fire prevention, safety education, and building resilient communities

Highlights of 2023

Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue
Intersec - Fire & Rescue

Who Should Attend 

This summit will be uniting the following job titles across the public and private sectors.

  • Chief Fire Officers and Engineers
  • Civil Defense and Government Regulators
  • Fire Consultants, Inspectors and Surveyors
  • Contractors, Developers and Project Owners
  • Emergency Response Professionals
  • Advanced Fire Safety System Providers
  • Fire Safety Equipment Manufacturers
  • Insulation and Material Manufacturers
  • Distributors and Integrators
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Government Authorities (Civil Defense/MOI/Police), Law Enforcement Bodies & Federal Agencies
  • Maritime
  • Aviation
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Entertainment & Sports
  • Education
  • Hotel & Leisure
  • Construction/ Real Estate

Be a part of the event

For Speaking Opportunities, please contact

Zenab Husain

Conference Producer – Security, Technology & Production Portfolio


Kalpita Dighe

Senior Event Producer – Security, Technology & Production Portfolio

Kalpita Dighe

For Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact

Liam Murphy

Portfolio Sponsorship Manager – Security, Technology & Production


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