Safety Walk

At Intersec 2024, the Safety Walk will provide an opportunity for Safety & Health exhibitors to walk and talk about their safety wear and equipment. Each participating exhibitor gets 10-15 minutes on the main stage to showcase and demonstrate their latest safety clothing and products.

The increasing recognition of the significance of personal protective equipment, the expanding industrial sector, and continuous innovations are anticipated to substantially boost the PPE market's growth. This is the driving force behind the reintroduction of The Safety Walk by Intersec, a distinctive event crafted to highlight the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) across diverse settings. The event seamlessly integrates components of a conventional safety walk with a fashion show, where models grace the stage while showcasing a diverse range of PPE.

Key Components:

Fashion Show: Models will walk the stage wearing a range of personal protective equipment, including safety helmets, goggles, gloves, high-visibility vests, and other safety gear. The fashion show aims to make PPE more visually appealing and showcase the diverse and stylish options available.

Interactive Sessions: To enhance engagement, there could be interactive sessions where attendees have the opportunity to try on different types of PPE, ask questions, and learn firsthand about the comfort and functionality of these safety essentials.

- Raise awareness about the importance of personal protective equipment
- Promote a positive and fashionable image of safety gear
- Educate attendees on the proper use and maintenance of PPE
- Encourage a safety-conscious culture in various industries.

Participating companies who will be showcasing their products at Safety Walk

Participating companies

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Intersec - Safety Walk
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Intersec - Safety Walk
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