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ESL Learns

Immerse yourself in the enlightening "ESL Learns" workshop series—an engaging array of educational sessions presented by ESL experts.

Elevate your comprehension of crucial fire safety standards and their real-world applications in the dynamic realms of construction and engineering.

Presenter: Daniel Wysokinski
Focus: Insights into bi-directional fire-rated door tests, emphasizing real-life applications and the importance of supporting constructions
Presenter: Julius Sarmiento
Focus: A detailed overview of European standards for penetration seals, linear joints, and gap seals in fire safety
Presenter: Mohamed Hassan
Focus: Exploring fire-rated ductwork, its applications, and the regulatory landscape
Presenter: Rachel Novelo
Focus: Understanding fire safety requirements for interior construction materials in hotels and apartments
Presenter: Manikandan Annadurai
Focus: Insights into the importance of fire-rated cables, their fire classification, and compliance with international building codes

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Intersec 2024
Intersec 2024
Intersec 2024
Intersec 2024
Intersec 2024

Workshop Program

18th January 2024


Workshop 1: Understanding of fire-rated door tests under EN 1634-1 and EN 13501-2 classification.

  • Why do bi-directional tests and supporting construction (wall) matter for real-life applications?

Speaker: Daniel Wysokinski, Senior testing engineer |ESL


Workshop 2: Fire Stopping and Fire Sealing - EN compliances

  • Highlighting the requirements for the compliance of penetration seals, linear joints and gap seals in accordance with the European testing and classification standards

Speaker: Julius Sarmiento, Senior Certification specialist |ESL


Workshop 3: Fire Rated Ductwork Applications and regulations

  • Explaining the Fire-rated duct work definition and associated applications and highlighting Fire-rated duct regulation

Speaker: Mohamed Hassan, Certification Specialist|ESL


Workshop 4: Understanding fire compliance requirements of construction products for hotels and apartments

  • The workshop focuses on the fire compliance requirements of interior fit outs and building materials like carpets, wallpapers, upholsteries and fabrics.

Speaker: Rachel Novelo, Testing Engineer |ESL


Workshop 5: Role of Fire-Rated Cables in critical firefighting systems

  • The Compliance with International Building Codes and Regulations
  • Understanding of Fire Classification for FR cables
  • Fire Types and Flammability Tests: Focus on Fire Resistance and Propagation
  • Fire Insulation Material in Managing Fire Load

Speaker: Manikandan Annadurai, Testing Engineer |ESL

14:15 End of ESL Learns Workshop

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