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About Business Matchmaking

Intersec facilitates Business Matchmaking, which comes absolutely free of cost, for its exhibitors and visitors. The goal is to allow exhibitors and pre-registered visitors to pre-schedule specific, targeted appointments to take place during the show, the benefit being that the time spent at the exhibition will be optimised for both parties. 

For exhibitors

1)    Enter Your Show Catalogue Entry

Once you receive your E-net Login details, ensure you enter your show catalogue entry. This will be used as your company profile for visitors to view on our system.

2)    Look For The Business Matchmaking Email

Our team will send you the log-in details to access the Business Matchmaking System. Review and complete the rest of your profile using additional filters such as company name, country, etc.

3)    View Personalised Visitor Matching Report

Once the profile is submitted, receive a list of visitors matching your business interests / preferences.

4)    Access And Schedule Meetings Via The Online Diary

Connect and schedule multiple meetings with visitors who have similar business interests. Any changes to your meeting schedule will be updated in real-time on your Online Diary.

5)    Plan Your Participation

Prepare your itinerary for three days of endless possibilities at Intersec.

For more information, e-mail our Business Matchmaking Team on

Download the Exhibitor Business Matchmaking Guide

For visitors

1)    Automatic Matchmaking

As a pre-registered visitor, you will automatically receive a separate email with your login credentials to access the Business Matchmaking Program. 

2)    Creating Connections

The program will provide a personalised report, listing out all relevant exhibiting companies at the show with similar business interests, in order to schedule meetings with them.

3)    Specific Filtering

The Business Matchmaking Program provides you with a range of filters to identify and connect with the participants that you wish to meet at the exhibition, in a more precise manner.

4)    Schedule Meetings

You can schedule meetings with preferred exhibitors and make the most of the opportunities at the show! If there are any changes to the schedule, you will receive a real-time update in your Online Diary.

For more information, e-mail our Business Matchmaking Team on

Download the Visitor Business Matchmaking Guide