2024 Conference & Workshops Overview

Intersec Conferences & Workshops stand at the forefront of the global security, safety, and fire protection community. For over two decades, it has been the epicentre of innovation, knowledge exchange, and collaboration among professionals, experts, and leaders in these critical fields. 

As part of the Silver Jubilee edition, we presented the following series of high-impact conferences and workshops:

  • Security Leaders’ Summit
  • Cyber Security Conference
  • Fire & Rescue Conference
  • Safety & Health Conference
  • SIRA Forum
  • Thought Leadership Pavilion
  • ESL Learns
  • ITU Led Table Top Exercise
  • ITU Led Scenario Based Exercise

These conferences served as the intellectual heartbeat of Intersec, and provided a platform where pressing issues were dissected, innovative solutions were unveiled, and the seeds of progress were sown. Whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or just beginning your journey, these conferences offer valuable opportunities to learn, network, and engage with the brightest minds in the business