Intersec Future Security Summit Agenda

Programme Day 1 | 19 January, 2020

10:00 Registrations and Refreshments
Shaping A Regional Security Landscape 
10:45 Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

Opening Keynote Address: Government’s Strategic Vision on Enhancing the Safety and Security


KEYNOTE ADDRESS : UAE Vision and Future Foresight in building a Safe and Secure Nation

11:30 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Future Vision on Compliances and Standards for Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Assets
11:45 Keynote Address: SIRA Future Strategic Plans and Initiatives for 2020
Khalifa Al Salies, Chief Executive Officer, Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA), Dubai, UAE

Panel Discussion: Changing Role of Security Leadership - Unlocking the Potential of Diversity
•Role of diversity in security industry 
•Integration of women in security industry and leadership 
•Incorporating learnings from the people with diverse backgrounds
•People of determination in security industry

Moderator : Heimo Grasser, Regional Security Manager, Medtronic (Confirmed)

Reema Al Marzooqi, Vice President – Investigations, Fraud & CyberCrime, Group Security Dept. Emirates Airlines, Dubai (Confirmed)
Salah Soliman, Deputy Chief Security Officer, GE (Invited)

12:30 Chief Security Officers’ Panel Discussion : Convergence between Physical and Digital Security
•Global and regional responsiveness to changes in the security landscape
•Maintaining the right balance between cyber and physical security 
•Managing organizational complexities in vulnerable security Environment
•Evaluating returns on the security technology investments

Moderator : Amit Mehta, Regional Head of Security- Middle East & Africa, MasterCard, UAE (Confirmed)
Panelists: Euan Air, Director of Safety and Security, Careem, UAE (Confirmed)
13:00 Lunch and Networking Break
Security in Wake of Expo 2020 and Crowd Protection 
14:00 Keynote Address: Expo 2020 Event, Security and Crowd Protection
Colonel Ali Khalifa Al Ghais, Senior Vice President Security, Expo 2020, UAE


Presentation Session: SIRA’s Site Wide Security Methodology at Expo 2020
Eng. Arif Aljanahi, Director of Operations & Security Services, Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA Dubai), UAE
14:40 Panel Discussion: Highlighting the Collaboration between Different Teams to Achieve Overall Safety and Security for Expo 2020

Colonel Ali Khalifa Al Ghais, Senior Vice President Security, Expo 2020, UAE
Eng. Arif Aljanahi, Director of Operations & Security Services, Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA Dubai), UAE 
15:00 Panel Discussion: Are You Prepared for Expo 2020?
•Key impacts of the inflow, management and safety of the Expo 2020 visitors 
•Security Implications on your premises and businesses?
•Preparations required at an organization level to manage the heavy traffic  

Simon Howse, Director of Global Safety and Security, Marriott International
Nikolaos Gkionis, Group HSE & Security Manager, Meraas Holding, UAE
Refreshments and Networking break 
Artificial Intelligence and Smart Security Management
Technology update: Application of  Smart Systems and Intelligent Applications Adding Value Beyond Security (e.g. Traffic cameras, Queue management)
16:30 Artificial Intelligence and Integrated Communications Technology: Are we going too far?
• Securing diverse elements of the technology infrastructure including cloud, infrastructure, identity and access management, privilege access management, BYOD etc
• Privacy Issues and controlled access
• Data Privacy Implication while integrating technologies
Ala Taeeb, Regional Security Manager, Tesla (Confirmed)
17:00 Closing remarks from the Chair 
End of Intersec Fire Conference Day One

Programme Day 2 | 21 January, 2020

10:00 Registrations and Refreshments
10:45 Opening Remarks from the Chairperson
Sinclair Duffie, CFO, Nawah Energy Company (Confirmed)
11:00 Live Fire Case study and Learning Experiences in the Residential or Crowded Places 

Shared Learning : Complex Issues and Tomorrow’s Technology
Terry Johnson, Senior Fire Service Advisor, General Directorate of Dubai Civil Defense, UAE  (Confirmed)



Activating a Skilled Fire and Life Safety Workforce in a Digitally Disrupted World?

Bartholomew Jae, Director, Education and Development, NFPA, USA (Confirmed)

12:45 Lunch and Networking Break
13:45 Nawah Case Study: Hazards, Damages, Outcome and Lessons learned from Fire Protection in a Nuclear industry
Sinclair Duffie, CFO, Nawah Energy Company (Confirmed)
14:15 Panel Discussion: Human Behavior in the Fire Alert Environment
• Evacuation and thought processes
• Panic, reactions, behavior characteristics
• Leadership and control issues
Sinclair Duffie, CFO, Nawah Energy Company (Confirmed)
14:45 Technology Watch : Dust Explosion Protection
Dr. Ing. Jef Snoeys, Director, EPTG, Research & Academy, Fike Corporation, Belgium (Confirmed)
Refreshments and Networking break 
Rescue Operation and Fire Services
Safety Planning and Rescue strategy for Warehouse and Industrial Fires

Round table Discussions Fire and Rescue Operations: Lessons Learned from Fire Fighting Services 

• Safety procedures for firefighters

• Quality of fire-fighting and firefighters

• Training delivery standards

• Facilities

• Live fire, compartment fire training


16:45 Closing remarks from the chair
End of Intersec Fire Safety Conference

Programme Day 2 | 20 January, 2020

10:00 Registrations and Refreshments
Security Infrastructure to Protect the Critical Infrastructure Assets
10:30 Future Proofing and Providing Comprehensive Security Cover to Smart Cities of the World
•Protecting the digital infrastructure of smart cities
•Identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities to the smart cities
•Utilizing the strengths of integrated systems to rapid response to intrusions or attacks
11:00 Panel Discussion : Using Advanced Mechanisms to Enhance Security Without Public Discomfort
Moderator: Maria Fjeldstad, Vice Chairman, OSAC Dubai, UAE 
11:45 Case Study: Preparedness Against Potential Drone Threats at the Airports
• Technologies for Detection, Defense and Disruption 
• Drone Regulation and Compliances
Adnan Al Ghamdi, Director, Drones Sector, Saudi Federation for Cyber Security and Programming (SAFCSP) and AVSEC Consultant, GACA, KSA 
12:15 Securing our Ports and Maritime Cargo Security  
• Identifying vulnerabilities and mapping potential threats
• Dealing with associated risks posed to the logistical 
12:45 Lunch and Networking Break
Civil Protection and Technological Advancement
13:45 Police Officers’ Panel Discussion : City Protection and Use of sophisticated technology in Fighting crime
• Digital transformation for improved collaboration, communication and response
• Public Safety Innovation and Community Reach


Technology Watch : Integrated Security Systems for Public Protection 
• Implementing Best Technologies To Control and Restrict Access to Your Business and Facilities
• Access Control and Biometrics Eng. Arif Aljanahi, Director of Operations & Security Services, Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA Dubai), UAE
14:45 Protection of Public Transportation Systems - Infrastructure and Human Resources (Etihad Rail, Metro Projects, Bridges, Aviation) 
Refreshments and Networking break 
Enterprise and Corporate Safety, Security and Resilience
15:45 Identifying and Mitigating Potential Risks to Retail Industry 
• Combating specific risks including robbery, burglary, theft and vandalism, terrorism, extremism and natural disasters.
• Integrated smart solutions and advanced technologies for preparedness and action 

Panel Discussion: Enterprise Security : Challenges for New Age Security Managers
• Internet of Things (IOT), BYOD and Related Security Challenges
• Developing, implementing and maintaining resilience programmes in complex and volatile operating environments
• Justifying the investments in security systems deployment 
• Need for flexible, simple and modular building of integration systems

Moderator: Peter Page, Vice Chairman, ASIS Dubai & Deputy Chair, The Security Institute Middle East Members Group, UAE (Confirmed)

Fikret Ustun, Regional Security Manager, Apple (Invited)
Joule Sullivan, Director- International Security Operations, Abbott (Confirmed)
Per Björkdahl, Chair, ONVIF Steering Committee, USA (Confirmed)
David K. Young, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Analytica (Confirmed)

16:45 Enterprise Travel Security: Using Connectivity for Safety enhancement
• Real time Tracking, Monitoring and Rescue response
• Travel and Personnel Security on Companies’ top Agenda with global footprints
• Travel security for companies and employees especially in dynamic threats
17:15 Closing remarks from the Chair 
End of Intersec Fire Conference Day One