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Intersec Conferences 2020

The 2020 Intersec Conferences had over 70 speakers and welcomed over 1400 delegates across 4 conferences: Future Security summit, SIRA Forum, Fire Conference, and the ARENA.

Speakers at Intersec Conferences 2020

What our delegates had to say

I attended the Intersec conferences to learn about physical and cybersecurity security. The conferences helped me to grasp different aspects of security, how to deal with people in the development cycle in terms of what the consumer wants and how to approach these demands.

I work in the cybersecurity industry and the Intersec Arena conferences helped me to connect with key speakers and strengthened my knowledge about cybersecurity, which is constantly developing and requires education.

The conferences are informative and tackle key topics in the security industry. These sessions also allow us as delegates and speakers to connect with each other in the same domain, discussing challenges and solutions in the security sector.

The Intersec exhibition is great as it offers us an opportunity to see the up to date solutions in the security industry and know what is trending. On the other side, the conferences are key to help raise awareness of topical issues in the security industry given by top speakers from around the world. I learned a lot from attending the sessions and will be utlising this knowledge in my line of work.

I attended the Intersec ARENA conference for three consecutive days. As a contractor, I have acquired additional and key knowledge in project management and how we should tackle clients’ needs to acquire and strengthen our business.

Intersec’s conference offers visitors insights not only on the latest products but more importantly new ideas and new concepts. The information I acquired from these sessions will help me in my job and I look forward to seeing what next year has to offer.

CPD Accreditation


Attend the Intersec Conferences and Forums and earn up to a maximum 68 CPD points from the Security Institute, UK. The Intersec Future Security Summit has been allocated a maximum of 23 CPD points, the Intersec Fire Conference has been allocated a maximum of 18 CPD points and the Intersec ARENA has been allocated a maximum of 27 CPD points.