Zenitel brings a fresh approach to voice communication as part of security and safety

Zenitel believes clear voice communication integrated with security and safety systems is essential. Intersec Editor Gary Wright speaks to Wim van Winghe, Zenitel’s VP Sales EMEA and Chenguttuvan Tamilarasan, General Manager ME &ASL

Gary Wright: Could you tell our readers what Zenitel is showing Intersec 2022?

Zenitel: As it is the first in-person event that Zenitel Middle East takes part after COVID stroke the normal life, we are happy to first and foremost safely re-connect, meet and engage again with our existing eco system (sales & technology partners, consultants, customers & end-users) and Intersec visitors. Then of course as International Audio Leader, we’re proud to be able to demonstrate our audio capabilities once again, through our Intelligent critical communication solutions. Our local and international team will put all its efforts in ensuring visitors to “hear the difference” on our stand S2-E20.

Gary Wright: Tell our readers about your Zenitel’s focus and products for the show.

Zenitel: At Zenitel, our focus is on providing intelligent critical communication solutions that allow you to hear, be heard, and be understood, every time. Audio adds significant value to any security solution, and we ensure that our audio and communication systems can be integrated and interface with other security platforms such as video, access control, and intrusion detection. The result is a unified and interactive security solution. Our primary system offering is within the Public Address, Intercom, SIP and integration categories. Our key markets include Commercial Building Security, Public Safety, Transportation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, and Education. Zenitel created the industry scorecard for audio and answered the IT mandate by providing high availability, scalability, reliability, maintainability, and cyber-defensibility.

At Intersec Dubai, we are excited to showcase our line of intelligent communication solutions that our IP intercoms and IP speakers. We invite Intersec visitors to our stand to “Hear the difference.”

Gary Wright: What do you see as the key security issues for your customers over the coming year?

Zenitel: Today risk environment for all facilities, whether it’s a school, hospital, airport, prison, or more is ever-changing, ever-increasing, and complicated. The security and safety risks that security teams need to mitigate is challenging. That’s where audio and voice communications become a critical tool that offers actionable insight into risks and potential physical breaches. For security teams, that enhanced situational awareness, better risk mitigation, increased safety, and overall, allows all business units and the entire enterprise to focus important resources where they can be most beneficial.

Gary Wright: What effect has the pandemic had on your business and your customers? 

Zenitel: As businesses start to reopen and to stay open, they are looking for any tools that can help them overcome the security and safety challenges they face.

In buildings and facilities, COVID-19 has created a new security perimeter, one that demands contactless access with entry and exit, and that has also created a new duty of care for security professionals. Now more than ever there is a need to interact and communicate with individuals moving in and out of doors and spaces without physical intervention. Intelligent communications integrated with contactless access control can also help a business to comply with pandemic safety guidelines and ultimately, reopen for business and stay open.

COVID-19 has also created clean room and isolation environments, spaces that were not designed to function that way, but are forced to because of the number of sick patients. High-definition voice is an effective and touchless method of communication in cleanroom and isolation environments. Voice communication can help hospital staff to verify identity and to communicate with patients without entering the infectious environment, which can reduce the amount of exposure to the virus. We are happy and proud to have helped realizing such new practices in the security/operations world.

Gary Wright: Could you tell us why Intersec 2022 is important to your business targets.

Zenitel: Intersec 2022 is an important landmark for Zenitel Safety & Security Business Unit as it is one of the largest Safety & Security Exhibitions within EMEA region with a very high-quality visitors.  It is a great occasion to show our latest innovations. And it is also a great opportunity to meet all our technology partners who we seamlessly integrate: AMAG, Honeywell, Milestone, LenelS2, Van der Bilt and similar systems

Then on top, Intersec is a very good arena to share our local news. This year we’re pleased to announce that Chenguttuvan Tamilarasan, our Zenitel Middle East General Manager, has been appointed as general manager of ASL Middle East. This news follows our ASL acquisition a few months ago: we’re starting to use the synergies between teams in the Middle East and therefore this will be reflected on our stand where visitors can meet ASL’s team as well as Zenitel’s and discover the complementarity of both PA/VA and Intercom products demoed: they will, with no doubt “hear the difference”.

Gary Wright: Why is the Middle East a key area for your business?

Zenitel: Middle East is a very fast-growing market with a great appreciation of new technologies and many innovative projects. Therefore, it is a very interesting market for Zenitel who is always at the forefront of the Intelligent Audio technology and integrations. We have been in the area for many years, both as Zenitel and ASL and we are continuously growing as a business and Middle east is a very important source of Zenitel Group’s growth within the EMEA region.

Gary Wright:  Where do you expect the key growth areas to be in your sector?

Zenitel: In many facilities, audio and communication technologies are not always leveraged to their full potential, but they should be. Video surveillance has been embraced as an essential element of a physical security solution. However, surveillance footage is often recorded without sound, even though some security cameras can capture it.  Access control is an additional essential component, as it can either allow or deny access, but it too, is limiting. Both technologies are about monitoring and control, and they do not give users the ability to effectively understand the situation and communicate with people before, during, and after an incident. Intelligent Audio communications that are incorporated with video and access control give security teams a complete solution. It’s like adding “ears” to your “eyes” in a situation. We are excited for all users to Hear the difference of Zenitel’s intelligent communication solutions that allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood in every situation.

Gary Wright: Is there anything else you believe our readers should know about you and this sector?

Zenitel: In today’s ever-changing and complicated risk environment, the importance of high-quality, clear audio cannot be understated. It is meaningless to install a security communication system if you cannot hear or be understood. It’s time for all users to embrace a solution that provides audio and voice technology and that allows people to hear, be heard, and be understood in every situation. 

January 2022
By Gary Wright – Intersec Editor