Protecting Future Connected Cities and Citizens

Resilient, innovative and secure future urban environments - a three day conference from 16 – 18 January 2022

Over the past decade exponential growth in the development of urban cities has occurred. Such environments are dynamic spaces for work, rest and play. Ensuring the sustainability, safety and quality of life of citizens is critical to economic development, investment and tourism.

In a world with ever-increasing threat levels this conference will focus on three distinct areas which include safe cities, secure future urban environment and connected urban infrastructure, highlighting how the development and expansion of urban cities has fuelled the demand for responsive and high-quality safety, security and fire operations.

The three day conference programme brings together global government leaders, municipalities, policymakers, consultants and technology experts to communicate, share ideas and identify solutions required to create and maintain safe and resilient cities using the latest cutting-edge technologies and best practices from around the world.


10:30  Registration, coffee and networking
10:45 Opening remarks from the conference chair
Planning and designing secure environments
11:00 Keynote Opening : Enhancing safety, security, sustainability, accessibility and livability 
11:10 Dubai a new paradigm for safe cities
11:30 Creating future cities : Key trends and challenges in “Future Cities”
Overview of the initiatives that help strengthen Dubai’s position as an international city and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on infrastructure, urban planning and the environment.
Methods of managing and governing future cities
Insights of global trends, technological transformation, advancements in urban economics and the lifestyles of future cities
12:00   Case Study: Japan – Future Cities
Gain insights on how Japan is leading the way in innovative and sustainable design for future cities. He will share how
- Well-being is considered as ultimate goal of human-centered cities 
- Insights on the key to bridge civic engagement and digital technologies
12:30 Community safety & wellbeing planning – City of Toronto
13:00 Case study: London 
Insights from Sharing Cities on building safe cities. The speaker will share 
- Importance of open and smooth communication between private and public sector and with the different stakeholders and the use of wide-ranging cooperation and ecosystem-based thinking.
- Hear how an enabling city supports innovation, creativity, citizens engagement and co-creation
13:30 Prayer and lunch break 
 Innovation and technologies in the future urban city
14:30 Panel Discussion: Future safe cities 
- How public and private transit can be optimized to provide more seamless travel in cities around the world?
-  How can cities drive greater collaboration between government entities and civli societies? What is the role of emerging technologies?
15:15 Use of emerging technologies for future safe cities
15:45 Blockchain: A game changer for connected cities 
- Gain insights in how blockchain is used for urban management to coordinate, integrate and control different city services with transparency, efficiency and privacy
- Understanding the limitations with city-wide adoption of blockchain technology
16:15 Dubai Municipality Hosted Panel Discussion:
Building safe, connected, inclusive and liveable cities of the future
- Designing and constructing safe future cities using state of the art technology
- Use of autonomous shuttle buses for communities to  pave the way for more secure and sustainable urban transportation
- Integrating multiple stakeholders on one platform to save energy and cost while providing connected cities with the required safety protocols
- Reducing noise pollution and energy by avoiding telephones in communities – use pc and other networks instead of telephone wires.
- The use of smart device systems in smart operating environments
17:00 End of Conference Day 1
10:00   Registration, coffee and networking

10:45 Opening remarks from the conference chair
Strategic leadership insights on safe cities
11:00 Keynote Address: The role of government authorities for Safe Cities
Safety and security competitiveness in Dubai: Recognising Dubai as  one of the safest cities in the world
11:15 Panel Discussion : Regulating the Global Security Industry
- Developing innovative regulatory responses to the rise of the private security industry
- Examining the regulations globally to assess their relevance for the global security industry
- Enabling soft security into urban environment without imposing on public 
11:45  The role of citizens for in Safe Cities 
- Understanding to get citizens to see that there is a role of citizens to contribute to safe cities
- Aligning systems and collaboration in crime prevention
12:15 Solutions Expert: The role of technology providers for Safe Cities 
12:45 Panel Discussion : Instilling the future connected city vision in leaders   
-  Overview of safe connected city initiatives launched in the region 
-  Understanding the percentage of citizen adoption - where we are at now and a glimpse into the future city
-  Current trends of technological advancements and how it could be utilized in achieving the leadership’s vision 
-   Looking beyond integrating technologies across infrastructure and services

Prayer and lunch break

 Innovation, Interconnected and Immersive: Reimagining security in micro cities
14:30 Security of future smart cities and the importance of secured smart connectivity to build the safer communities 
15:00 Panel Discussion: Promoting security an social cohesion at large scale global attractions, amusement and entertainment centers  
- Delivering the highest level of safety is a priority
- Tools and expert insight to ensure safety and security while creating safe experiences for both guests and employees 
- Inspection guidelines and regulations for large scale events 
15:30 Infrastructure security: Linking safe and smart city framework and learning how to support multiple business on a common infrastructure platform
-  Creating a unified operational platform with seamless integration to enable safe city and ICT technologies 
-  Understanding how biometrics, facial recognition and advanced CCTVs are changing today’s security in mixed used developments
-  Example of speed radars connected to AI to detect people
16:00 Safe cities: Acceptance and user experience of safe city technologies: 
- Understanding the mechanisms that shape the adoption and use of  technology
-  Importance of  human--computer interaction, accessibility and usability
16:30 Malls as micro cities : Learn from international case study on “Westfield’s “Destination 2028 concept”. 
The session highlights Westfield’s vision to transform malls into hyper-connected micro-cities. The mall would include AI infused walkways, sensory gardens and eye scanners for a more personalised shopping experience



End of Conference Day 2
10:00 Registration, coffee and networking
10:45 Opening remarks from the conference chair
Regulatory Compliances for infrastructure security
10:45 Chairperson welcome 
11:00  Keynote: Governing safer cities: Strategies for a globalised world
11:10 Identifying the key regulatory indicators for safety and security for future urban infrastructure developments
- How can we effectively pilot test the latest innovations and then run them through communities safely?
- How do we do continuous monitoring and evaluation, and that it achieves the desired outcomes at a cost-effective price
11:40 Panel Discussion: Reconfiguring future urban infrastructures
-  Introduction of new platforms and technologies for infrastructure security in cities
-  Identifying key challenges when working with existing, while also building new, blue, green and grey infrastructure
12:15 Future Urban Systems: The union of a smart integrated infrastructure
12:45 Prayer and lunch break 
SIRA Forum
13:45 Registration for the SIRA Forum
14:00 Technical Guidance and Interpretation of New Regulations in the Dubai Security Law
14:30 Live Q&A Session with the SIRA Team
17:00 End of Conference Day 3


Advisory Board Members

  • Safe cities: Protecting and securing connected cities
  • The role of law and enforcement in keeping cities safe (gov perspective)
  • Case study: Safety in mixed used developments 
  • Malls as micro cities : How to manage security at malls
  • Integrating fire alarm, access control, public address, video security on a single platform for office and residential spaces 
  • Understanding how biometrics, facial recognition and advanced CCTVs are changing today’s security
  • Utilising new digital platforms to improve security measures
  • Importance of safe city and ICT technologies required for the implementation of successful safe city projects
  • Creating safe venue environments: using technology to balance health and safety in times of crisis
  • Principles of protective security layers of operation to enable safety, security & service at major events
  • Transporting spectators across major events: The process, planning and safety requirements
  • Implementing effective security protocols within the development of a venue to prevent mass crowds and potential hazards


  • Managing, monitoring and controlling high density crowds
  • Planning for concerts and mega events – Venue and organiser perspective
  • Technology and tools for surveillance, monitoring and control 
  • Emergency and disaster preparedness action plans and tools needed for large scale events 
  • Integrated security concepts of operations for major events



The Protecting Future Connected Cities and Citizens will bring together key decision makers from:

  • Government Authorities and Municipality Public Safety Leaders
  • Police, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  • Accident and Emergency Services
  • Security Defense and Intelligence Services
  • Disaster Relief Agencies
  • Local Provincial and Federal Planning
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Community Organization Focused on Crime Prevention
  • Community Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Hospitals and Health Departments
  • Major Developers/ operators/ contractors/ consultants/Architects
  • Urban Planners and Consultants
  • Public Infrastructure and entertainment centres 
  • Special Events Authorities
  • Stadiums and Religious places 
  • Mega events and mall owners/ operators/ contractors/ consultants/Architects

They will be working at all levels and includes SVPs, VPs, Directors, Superintendents, Supervisors, Specialists, Engineers, Leaders, and Managers of:

  • Industrial Safety and Security
  • Planning
  • Mobility
  • Smart Services
  • Facility Management
  • Crisis and Emergency (Disaster) Management 
  • Cyber, Information, Emerging Technology and IT Security 
  • Emergency Services 
  •  Asset Security, Protection and Facilities Management 
  • Business Continuity 
  • Corporate Security 
  • Infrastructure Security 
  • Urban Design and Planning 
  • Risk Assessment and Management 
  • Safety and Security Training 

Other related job functions