Global Security Leaders’ Summit

Strategy, foresight and response for a secure homeland - a three day summit from 16 – 18 January 2022

A hard-hitting three-day summit featuring global security leaders. Discussing, debating and exchanging perspectives on global security challenges, strategic initiatives and cooperation to foster the safety and security of all.

Expect to experience insight and information that you cannot source elsewhere! Exclusive international headliners, high level discussion between global heads of police, fire, safety and defence will ignite discussion and share perspectives. Sessions will include strategic leadership keynotes, headliners, and panel discussions between law enforcement, intelligence and international agencies to mitigate risks. 

  • Responding to national shifts and crisis
  • Building resilience and enabling innovation and future security
  • The future of law enforcement
  • Capability in response to homeland security threats (military, natural disaster, terrorism)
  • Leadership in civil defense 
  • Threat detection and border protection and control
  • Enhancing cooperation and removing national barriers to combat threats – technology opportunities and challenges

UAE & International Ministers and Commanders of Defence, Interior and Homeland

Global leaders in counter terrorism, intelligence, strategy & international relations.


Department Heads and Managers of: Forensics, Crime Prevention, Border Security, ICT , Cyber Security, Security, Resilient Cities, First Response, Foresight, Criminal Investigation, Counter Terrorism, Planning & Strategy, Innovation, Policy. 

Industry Sectors: Police, Fire, Ports, Airports, Hospitals, National Agencies, Private Sector Industry, solution providers, consultancy.