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Opshield by GE Digital

Protection for industrial controls and critical infrastructure networks.

If you connect it, protect it.

Traditional industry is becoming digital industry. The embedded devices connected via critical infrastructure SCADA systems are increasingly closing the air gap that operators have relied on to keep industrial assets safe from cyber incidents.

It’s important to use the right tools to protect these connected industrial assets. The stakes are high, with cyber mistakes and attacks potentially impacting safety, availability and asset health, as well as reputation and intellectual property.

OpShield from GE Digital was created specifically to protect critical infrastructure, drawing on over ten years of embedded device testing and assessments of hundreds of industrial facilities.


To protect it, you need to see it. OpShield provides increased visibility within operational technology (OT) networks because it understand what IT firewalls can’t—OT commands and parameters in the context of a defined control process.


Knowing something’s wrong is useful, but having the ability to prevent it is better. That’s why OpShield’s enforcement policies not only alert, but can also be configured to block traffic that is not on a whitelist of allowable commands in the context of a particular data flow. OpShield supplements its whitelist capability with unique vulnerability signatures. These heavily researched signatures help protect a device’s root vulnerabilities vs. spotting known exploits one by one. The result is increased effectiveness and signature life.


In addition to the ongoing inspection and enforcement OpShield provides, it also helps protect OT networks structurally via virtual segmentation. Segmentation creates zones that reduce the mobility and damage of a misconfiguration or attacker. From segmentation to protocol inspection and command blocking, OpShield provides several layers of the defense-in-depth approach necessary to help protect the people, assets, and operations that run critical infrastructure.

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