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ISS SecurOS v.10 Intelligent VMS

Powerful New VMS Capabilities Leverage the Power of Native Analytics

ISS  - Intelligent Security Systems, a leading provider of intelligent VMS and analytics globally, announces the latest release of the company’s renowned SecurOSä Video Management System. The new SecurOS v.10 features an updated, highly intuitive GUI designed to accommodate multiple clients and the ability to easily manage large systems with infinite scalability. Additional enhancements include a new web client for remote access, robust cyber security updates, 64-bit edition for faster throughput and larger capacity, enhanced native failover operations, H.265 Intel QSV support and a brand new Evidence Manager.

SecurOS v.10 is designed to seamlessly integrate with a host of powerful analytics developed by ISS. This unique combination allows ISS to offer a wide range of specialized packages to fulfill users’ specific physical security and business intelligence needs.

SecurOS v.10 features a long list of new enhancements that increase ease of operation, performance and functionality, system scalability and security, including:

  • New Native Failover Cluster capabilities include: native cluster failover of many or 1-1 cameras using as few as 2 servers; failover of all features including analytics modules.
  • New Cyber Security includes: secure HTTPS connection to all cameras with tunneling of both video and audio; digital signature of all exported files using digital certificates to verify the authenticity and source of imported files; and     encryption of all data stored on ISS server HDDs.
  • 64-bit Server Edition is capable of supporting more than twice the cameras and bandwidth per server compared to the 32-bit edition.
  • Intel® Quick Sync Video decompression support of H.265 video on Intel HD Graphics adapters to concurrently view large amounts of cameras on client workstations.
  • New Evidence Manager with many new features to manage exported video.
  • New SecurOS WebConnect is an HTML5 based web-client that allows security personnel the ability to monitor video and control cameras on a variety of platforms using standard web browsers.
  • Operator Workstation Profiles is a new robust tool for SecurOS system admins that helps configure large-scale security systems with a vast number of operator workstations faster and easier.
  • Updated SecurOS User Interface design meets current market demands for usability and functionality. Improved control clarity and darker color scheme make the GUI more convenient to use especially in control rooms with low lighting.

ISS SecurOS v.10 is available in five configurations: MCC (Monitoring Control Center), Enterprise, Premium, Professional, and Xpress to deliver the perfect balance of functionality and cost-efficiency for every size and level of application.

SecurOS v.10 is also available pre-bundled with ISS’ native analytics to provide VMS solutions for specific applications. Some of the SecurOS v.10 analytic modules include:

  • SecurOS Auto License Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) solution provides a number of unprecedented advantages for users, including the ability to accurately capture license plate information at 155 mph (250 km/h). SecurOS Auto uses advanced deep learning and template-based algorithms to provide pinpoint accuracy for plate recognition across the globe.
  • SecurOS Face captures and recognizes faces from a video stream. SecurOS Face is a class-leading solution with active recognition where subjects know their image is being captured, or passively where they do not have knowledge of such surveillance.
  • SecurOS Cargo provides recognition of cargo container ISO codes in a variety of applications. It implements the most advanced native image processing software, the ISS SecurOS framework, and advanced algorithms for the recognition of codes on cargo containers.
  • SecurOS Tracking Kit provides a suite of situational awareness detectors such as loitering, crowd detection, object left behind, object counting, etc. This module uses deep learning algorithms for object tracking and is capable of doing classification of vehicles, people and animals.

Additional specialized SecurOS v.10 hardware and software solutions include:

  • SecurOS UVSS is an integrated hardware-software based solution for remote under-vehicle surveillance. 
  • SecurOS Velox is used to detect speeding violations with automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) of all passing vehicles.
  • SecurOS Motus is an IP-camera designed with integrated ANPR for high-speed and high accuracy commercial and law enforcement applications.
  • SecurOS Cargo Terminal provides remote visual inspection of cargo containers and control of vehicles which carry them.
  • SecurOS Crossroad combines specifically engineered hardware and software to provide real-time detection of complex types of traffic violations.
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