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Anti-Drone Products, CPM Elettronica

CPM-WILSON Hand held Anti Drone Jammer



The CPM-WILSON is a handheld countermeasures jammer which protects against drone intrusion.

Lightweight and easy to use, the system has been developed to protect designated areas from UAV intrusions using the latest jamming technologies to provide the best compromise between performance and price. Small and transportable, the “jammer gun” includes three bands, capable to cut off the most common links between the UAV and the operator and GNSS, denying the drones to reach their designated target. Equipped with an intelligent display, the CPM-WILSON can receive broadcast informations on the drone’s position by an external detection system (not included).
Once the target has been identified (by an external Radar, Radio Monitoring and/or an Electro-Optical system) a wake-up alert is sent by a CPM long range radio system;
CPM-WILSON’s display will help the operator to aim the proper position of the target.
Multiple CPM-WILSON and other CPM anti drone jammers can be connected wireless to the detection network.

Key Features

  • Compact and light weight
  • Fast response
  • 3 Bands / 7,5 W Total RF Power + Antenna Gain
  • Directive Helix Antenna and Whips
  • User Friendly

CPM-DJI-120-4B 120W Anti Drones Jammer


The CPM-Drone Jammer is a drone countermeasures system which protects against drone intrusion. Lightweight and easy to use, it is the latest application of our well proven digital jammers and technology. Small and transportable, the system consists of four band jammer circuits capable to cut off the most common links between the drones and the operators/GPS, avoiding the drones to reach their designated target.

The system is equipped with 4 jammer modules having GAN Technology Power Amplifier Provided with 30W each, available for all frequencies from 20-6000 MHz.


  • Four Bands/30W Each
  • Lightweight
  • High-Tech Lightweight
  • Simple Commands by Remote Control
  • Easy to Use and Transport
  • IP 65 Carbon Fiber Enclosure



The CPM CUPPOL-ONE is a complete standalone remoted jammer platform, composed of a DJI-120 4B equipment plus a 360°/ 0-90° pan & tilt directive antenna system. The CPM CUPPOL-ONE receives (by LAN or by a special Wireless protocol) the target coordinates from ANY remoted Detection System (Radar, I.R. Camera, Acoustic)

This option allows the DJI-4B to be deployed in multiple locations and to operate autonomously and it is able to block UAVs intrusions before they reach sensible targets thanks to its increased range.

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