Harmonys is a range of audio and visual equipment that enables users to program bell sounds, play music, broadcast information, and provide audio and visual alarms especially suited to the education and industrial sectors. Since the Harmonys range communicates with the IP computer network, installation and configuration are quick and simple.


-       Broadcast your messages: Sounders play pre-installed or custom melodies as well as general announcements. Harmonys flash models meet the standards required for public-access buildings. The device emits two types of luminous flashes synchronised on the sounders, one for alert mode and one for bell mode.

-       Communicate efficiently: The microphone can be used to broadcast live or recorded announcements. Messages can also be sent from a smartphone via the Harmonys Notify app.

-       Trigger broadcasting of messages and alerts: Alerts (Lockdown), evacuation, panic alarm and messages can be sent using the control box, remote control, GSM or the app. The Harmonys system can also issue an alert using external equipment, such as a burglar alarm.

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