DICENTIS Conference System, Bosch

The DICENTIS IP-based Conference System provides a future proof and scalable investment thanks to Bosch’s open media networking architecture, OMNEO.

With OMNEO, the DICENTIS Conference System makes use of fully standardized network technology for ease of integration, cost-effective installation and simple maintenance. In addition, the system enables easy expansion with OMNEO audio devices and a wide range of audio products supporting DanteTM technology. Enhanced functionalities can also be added to all DICENTIS devices via software and by integrating third-party or custom-made apps.

The interconnectivity of the OMNEO IP network architecture enables the DICENTIS Conference System to cater to every conference size from small companies to multinational corporations, as well as local, regional and national governments and international summits. The system is capable of connecting a network of up to 750 conference devices and seamlessly integrating with other systems sharing the network such as IP video streams or content management systems.

DICENTIS Conference System consists of devices which are equipped with advanced Bosch audio technology, cable redundancy and data encryption, continuing the Bosch tradition of acoustic excellence, system reliability and security.

·         DICENTIS Multimedia device: This 7-inch user-friendly touchscreen interface is built for an interactive experience, allowing participants to access and share meeting content with fellow attendees and have Internet access at their fingertips.

·         DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen: With a 4.3 inch touchscreen, this device delivers dual use, language selection and voting. Fast participant recognition is possible by means of an NFC (Near Field Communication) identification card.

·         DICENTIS Discussion device with voting: This incorporates standard parliamentary-style voting facilities with touch buttons that only light up when the functionality is required. Voting access can be easily controlled via the device’s NFC identification function.

·         DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector: Allows participants to listen to speakers in their own language.

·         DICENTIS Discussion device: It supports structured discussion, allowing participants to raise their hand by pushing the discuss button and be placed in a discussion queue. Like all other DICENTIS devices, this device possesses the “possible to speak” function, providing clear indication to the delegate on when he or she can speak.

·         DICENTIS Interpreter Desk: Optimized for the real-life needs of interpreters and supports up to 100 interpreted languages. Its design is simplified, intuitive and ergonomic. It is fully compatible with the DICENTIS platform and complies with the simultaneous interpreting equipment standard ISO 20109.

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