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Dec 16, 2018

An interview with Trevor Sinden, Director of Middle East & Africa Sales at March Networks

An interview with Trevor Sinden, Director of Middle East & Africa Sales at March Networks


Why Intersec

March Networks looks forward to exhibiting at Intersec each year, as we feel it is one of the most influential trade shows in the region.

Intersec provides us with a great opportunity to meet our customers, partners and new prospects. It also provides us with an excellent venue to showcase our newest video products and solutions.


Our product launches.

We expect the March Networks Stand will draw many visitors this year, as we are planning something pretty unique to showcase our latest video offering for the transportation market. March Networks has more than 15 years’ experience providing video solutions to the North American transportation market, and we see a significant opportunity to bring our technology and expertise to the Middle East.

At Intersec 2019, we will also be showing some very impressive business intelligence solutions for banks and retail organizations, which take into account the compliance and cybersecurity capabilities that are more important than ever for most companies today.

March Networks has focused on developing secure products right from its inception in 2000. Our company has a deep history in video and data networking, with many of our R&D engineers coming out of the telecommunications sector. In addition, we have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s largest banks, which have put us through ethical hacks and security audits and have tested our products extensively in their own IT labs.

We have taken advantage of our IT experience to eliminate vulnerabilities from our products. An example of this would be our video recorders’ embedded Linux operating system, which we have customized to eliminate unnecessary background services and frequent system updates.

With our Command Enterprise video management software, our customers can also send out software updates to thousands of devices rapidly using our mass management feature.

And the work we have done to support organizations who must now ensure compliance with the European Union’s recently passed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is also beneficial to all of our customers, including those here in the Middle East.

We’re looking forward to demonstrating all of our end-to-end capabilities at Intersec this year. As our industry goes further down the road of IoT, cloud and hosted services, the potential uses for video are more exciting than ever.


Middle East case studies

While we are unfortunately not able to name names, I can tell you that March Networks has been working with the largest banks in the region for many years now. For example, we are the leading video surveillance provider to the banking sector in Qatar, not only because we have specialised solutions for banks, and a reputation for banking expertise globally, but also because we have proven our ability to comply with the regulations in Qatar and across the region.

In Qatar, for example, banks must capture 3MP video at a constant 20 fps and store that video for a minimum 120 days. We’ve successfully helped our customers meet those requirements and exceed them in the seven years since they were first introduced.  Of course we work with customers in other markets as well, including government and retail.



Clients found at Intersec

We can’t speak specifically about a particular customer, but certainly Intersec has provided us with many solid sales leads over the years. It is a first-class event that helps us connect with key decision-makers.


Our most important industries

March Networks has a proven track record providing enterprise-class video solutions to the world’s largest banks, including many in the Middle East. We’re also seeing growing momentum with our retail solution, building on our successes in other regions

As I mentioned, we’re also excited to bring our end-to-end transportation solutions to the Middle East. The systems have been proven in transit agencies across North America – like Toronto Transit Commission in Canada and Orange County Transportation Authority in the U.S. We provide coverage across both fixed and mobile deployments, all managed by a single video software solution, which also integrates with vehicle metadata, GPS for vastly improved search and investigation capabilities.

We design our systems for easy management and maintenance – which can be very costly in the transit industry. Our solution is designed to reduce that overall cost.


The latest facial biometric technology developments in our company

March Networks’ approach is to partner with companies that are very focused on AI and biometric technologies, to ensure the highest accuracy for our customers. The truth is that biometrics like face recognition can be used in many different applications, and you need to be sure that the technology you’re looking at is suited to your specific application – otherwise you risk generating too many false positives, which can severely reduce the value of your investment. At March Networks’, we focus on what our customers need to help solve their business challenges.


The future of digital surveillance and video analytics technology

During the past 15 years, our company has worked with upwards of 500 banks and 300 retail brands worldwide to understand their operations and specific business challenges. This has enabled us to develop intelligent video solutions that add value beyond traditional security applications.

A key part of our approach is providing a solid video platform, and then layer intelligent application software on top of it to provide true business intelligence to our customers. Our Searchlight software combines data from analytics (including queue length, dwell time, LPR, people counting etc.) with video and data from other systems and devices (e.g. ATM/teller transaction data; point-of-sale transaction data; RFID data; CAD/AVL, GPS and other vehicle data common in transit environments; and IoT devices).

Our integrated solutions enable customers analyze, compare and share critical information on customer service, operations, corporate compliance and more – faster and more conveniently. The end result is more success and profitability for the customer.

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